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Tue, 6 May 2008

The first and only point of contact between a golfer and his clubs is the handle of the club. So it's vitally important these 'grips' don't let you down, but feel comfortable and perform well.
There are a wide range of golf grips available, hundreds of different sizes (lengths and widths), textures, designs and colours. No longer do you merely have the choice of a couple of black grips in differing textures.
And replacing your golf grips doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. It's easy to do yourself by just following the simple guide below.
A set of grips can be replaced in the home within a couple hours for a little over £22.
Here's a few examples of what you need:
13 Sharpro Black Wrap Golf Grips
1 Sharpro Dupo Putter Grip
14 strips of tape

But first, let's look at why your grips are important and why you should think about re-gripping your clubs, especially at the start of a new season:
Research has shown that a golfer who plays golf once a week would benefit from re-gripping their clubs at least once a year and those playing more regularly should consider re-gripping at least twice a season, depending on how worn their grips are getting by constant use.
Grips that get worn or shiny give less feel and adhesion to a golfer (especially in wet weather) and can cause the club to slip, causing miss-hits and innaccuracy. Grip deterioration is a gradual process. You don't notice how bad the condition is until you get the feeling a new grip gives.
Worn grips can also cause you to hold the club too tightly which can cause irregular shots. Ther material also hardens over times and deteriorates, so even if you only play very occasionally you' e penalising yourself.
The width of the grip is also important. Not everyone has the same-sized hands. Golfers with larger hands benefit from additional layers of tape under the grips or midsize or even jumbo-sized grips. Those with smaller hands benefit from using undersized or ladies golf grips.
A simple way to check if you have the correct grip size on your clubs, when gripping ensure, your little finger in your upper hand only lightly touches the palm of your hand.

Click here to check the right size for you.

Preparation and toolsAfter choosing a new set of grips you'll need the following tools:
Stanley/utility knife, preferably with a hooked blade, which prevents cutting into a graphite shaft
Double sided grip tape (either three-quarter-inch tape or the wider 2-inch tape)
Grip solvent or regular white spirit
A vice clamp for securing your clubs

Removing your old grip
Securing the club in a vice, cut away from your body using, ideally, a hooked-bladed Stanley knife. Starting at the lip and along the length of the grip. Peel the cut grip from the shaft and scrape away all the old tape.

Taping the shaft
If using the three-quarter-inch tape, wrap it in a spiral motion around the shaft from the point where grip ends on the shaft (without overlapping) extending about a half-an-=inch past the end of the shaft. Peel off the backing paper from the tape and twist the end into the open butt end of the shaft. This helps prevent solvent entering the shaft.
If using the 2-inch tape, apply a strip of tape lengthwise along the shaft, beginning where the grip ends and extending half-an-inch beyond the butt end of the shaft. Remove paper backing, wrap the tape around the shaft, and twist the end of the tape and push it inside the shaft.

Fitting a new grip
Cover the vent hole of the grip with either your finger or a golf tee and pour solvent or white spirit into the grip. Pour the solvent from the grip over the tape on the shaft, wetting it thoroughly, and then quickly slide the grip on to the shaft with a smooth motion until you feel the shaft butt against the end of the grip. You may need to pinch the end of the grip to open the mouth up wide enough to push onto the shaft.

Remove club from the vice and set up in your normal playing position making sure that the grip is on straight. By twisting, make sure alignment lines or marks on the front of the grip are rotated towards the front. Allow about 3-4 hours for newly re-gripped clubs to dry before using.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet
The most popular grip, Golf Pride Tour Velvet combines an exclusive rubber-blend compound with a computer-designed, non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort, and confidence. Tour Velvet is the standard upon which many club manufacturers base their designs. Available in standard, midsize, jumbo, ladies and junior sizes. Standard grip is also available in different options of core size and type. Priced from £2.40 each.

Golf Pride Multicompound
An innovative hybrid grip, the Golf Pride Multicompound fuses the performance of rubber and cord with a new look and feel. It has black Velvet Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control and a soft, coloured rubber in the lower hand for control and responsiveness. It costs £5.80 per grip but offers fantastic feel and is available in yellow, light blue, red, orange, blue, pInk and green in men's standard size and also in a red midsize version.

Sharpro Dual Compound

Available in red, orange, lime green, blue and Ladies pinkSharpro Dual Compound has a firm, corded rubber in the upper portion to help give all-weather control to a gloved hand and softer tackier coloured rubber in the lower hand for comfortable, responsive feel. If you find the cord to be a bit hard on your hands, these Dual Compounds are also available in an all rubber grip. Costs are £2.23 for the corded model and £1.55 for all-rubber.

Winn DSI Durasoft
Offering an ultra-soft feel, comfort and performance and a high slip resistance, these Winn DSI Durasoft grips are suitable for all-weather conditions and have great shock-absorbing properties. Available in three sizes from £4.23 each.

Made from a very soft plasticized rubber for a soft, tacky feel, Funky grips slip-resistant and excellent shock absorbing qualities. Towelled-dried, it increases their adhesion in damp and humid conditions, and are comfortable, even without a glove. Their lightness lowers the static weight of the club, increasing the swing weight which in turn helps increase clubhead feel. Available at £2.15 each. from www.gamolagolf.co.uk

As well as specialising in a huge range of grips from leading brands, Gamola Golf stocks replacement grips for , CallawayPing, Odyssey, TaylorMade, Cleveland, Nike and Mizuno.


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