Paige Spiranac ROASTS Bryson DeChambeau over LIV Golf rope incident!

Paige Spiranac burns Bryson DeChambeau after he got wiped out by a rope at LIV Golf Chicago. 

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Mon, 19 Sep 2022
Paige Spiranac absolutely ROASTS Bryson DeChambeau over LIV Golf rope incident

Paige Spiranac has absolutely roasted Bryson DeChambeau on social media after the big-hitting American got wiped out by a spectator rope in the final round of LIV Golf Chicago. 

Spiranac, who has more Instagram followers than any other golfer on the planet including Tiger Woods, posted a one-minute video clip after seeing DeChambeau get cleaned out by a rope with seven holes to play on Sunday.

The viral clip has since received some classic WWE commentary from Jim Ross

"What the f*** guys," DeChambeau could be heard saying after the rope caught him in the face. 

DeChambeau got up and went on to finish 6-under par in a tie for eighth, earning him just over half a million

Now for some Bryson roasting by Paige: 

"We all love watching sports, we don't love watching players get injured, and I saw one of the most gruesome, one of the, it makes me sick to my stomach to think about, one of the most horrendous injuries I have ever seen," says Spiranac. 

"As we know, golfers get a reputation of being 'soft' and Bryson DeChambeau proved everyone wrong.

"After a wayward, wayward drive, he was coming from the crowd back into the golf course at a staggering 1 mph. 

"The spectator rope came out of nowhere and almost decapitated him, blinded him, caught him in the face. He fell to the ground. 'I can't see, I can't see'.

"Everyone is wondering 'is he okay? is he going to get up? can he get up? can he see? is he going to live?'

"You know what Bryson did? He said 'I'm going to persevere'. He got right up, he finished his round, and he proved golfers are tough as nails.

"Thanks for being an inspiration, Bryson."

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