Paige Spiranac's REVEALING photoshoot ahead of The Masters

Paige Spiranac shows off her new Masters towel, then explains how she cannot stand the classic Pimento Cheese Sandwich.

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Mon, 4 Apr 2022
Paige Spiranac's REVEALING photoshoot ahead of The Masters

The Masters might be Paige Spiranac's favourite week of the year, but she is most certainly not a fan of the iconic Augusta National-made Pimento Cheese Sandwich. 

Spiranac, who has the most Instagram followers of any other individual golfer including Tiger Woods with 3.2 million, has revealed what she loves and hates the most about golf's first major of the season. 

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Paige also took to her Instagram Story today to revealher new Masters towel that drops on Tuesday afternoon over on the Swag Golf website

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"Happy Masters week everyone, I am so excited, this is my favourite week of the year," Spiranac said over on the Points Bet USA Instagram page, where she is an ambassador. 

"But there are things I love about The Masters and there are things that I hate, so let's talk about it.

"Here's a very short list of things that I hate at The Masters. The first thing is everyone posting the food menu... what would you buy for $5, what would you buy for $10? It's the same menu every year, let's move on. 

"I think that the women amateur golfers shoukd play three rounds at Augusta not just one, and I hate the Pimento Cheese Sandwich, it smells and tastes like feet. 



"And here are some of the things that I love... I love the tradition, I love that it's on the same golf course every year. I love the Green Jacket, I love the Par 3 Contest, I love seeing the little kids in caddie whites, I love that the caddies wear caddie whites. 

"I love when Jim Nantz says "hello friends", I love the comforting feeling of it just being Masters week and everyone coming together and just loving this event. I love everything about The Masters."

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