14 models of latest King Cobra Baffler TWS

New versions of club which first appeared in 1975

Bob Warters
Tue, 10 Mar 2009

King Cobra's new Baffler TWS (left) and the Baffler TWS Senior model

Cobra engineers have added a Triple Weighting System - a third weight to provide a higher 'Moment of Inertia' (MOI) and lower centre of gravity - to their latest King Cobra Baffler TWS utility club.

Says Brian Zender, general manager of Cobra Golf. “The new Baffler TWS is designed for players seeking a versatile, easy-to-hit alternative to long irons. We’ve taken the previous Bafflers’ proven technologies and made them even better.”

The Baffler TWS will have as many as 14 versions for regular golfers, Seniors and Women with lofts ranging from 16 degrees (No.1) to 35 degrees (women's No.7) with a recommended price of £129.

Senior models of the King Cobra Baffler TWS will be right-handed only from 23 (No.2) to 32 degrees (No.6).

The new King Cobra Baffler TWS combines the high launch, forgiveness and distance of a fairway metal with the playability and control of an iron and also features a large face to help maintain ball speed from miss-hits,contoured sole for improved versatility from different lies and Premium Aldila DVS-HL shafts.



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