Autumn release for new Masters range.

Including a sensor which cleverly monitors and adjusts the speed the trolley to the golfer

Phill Hayman
Thu, 3 Aug 2006

Autumn release for new Masters range.

MC-Z710 iron and wood
The imminent launch of MT-E900 represents a major development for Weston-Super-Mare based Master Golf . Why? It’s their first foray into the electric trolley market.

Obviously, the design department have been working overtime - the trolley includes a sensor which cleverly monitors and adjusts the speed to the golfer’s pace. The 900 series, due to launch in October, also includes the manual MP-T900 trolley particularly suitable for those with or worried about back problems.

Commented Colin Christison, “It can be pushed evenly with both hands, avoiding the twisting that can cause back injuries. It features a brake mechanism making it much easier to use on hilly courses plus a padded handle, and an optional seat.”

On the club front, Masters have updated their premium-priced MC-Z700 irons released last December with the MC-Z710. Once again they feature moveable weight technology throughout the set which aims to correct the tendency to draw or fade the ball.

Look out, too, for the new large-headed driver, plus clubs especially crafted for the beginner, game improver and ladies markets.

Although prices have yet to be announced you can be sure that the range will provide both quality and value for money.

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