Bay Hill reveals its chipping wood

Company re-opens controversy over who invented this unique shot from the edge of the green and delivers a club to play it.

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Wed, 25 May 2005

Bay Hill chipping wood

Controversy has always surrounded the use of fairway metals to chip from the fringe of the green. Many credit Tiger Woods for introducing this innovative shot.

He says he was taught it by Butch Harmon on the eve of the 1996 US Open at Oakland Hills and chipped in at the 18th in the third round. He holed out on three more occasions at Quad Cities tournament later that year.

However, I have seen photography of Greg Norman using his 3-wood to ease the ball from a collar of rough during the 1989 US PGA, eventually won by Payne Stewart at Kemper Lakes.

I re-introduced the controversy to support the announcement of a new club from Bay Hill Golf of a chipping wood, specifically for those tricky shots around the green, when grass is too thick for a putter or your technique with a wedge is suspect.

Bay Hill claims its club, priced at £39.99, is better than using a 3-, 5- or 7-wood because its shaft is shorter at around 35 inches – the length of a regular putter - avoiding the necessity to stand too far from the ball at address.

It’s available in men’s and women’s versions (right-handed only) and can be customised to length. Price is £39.99.

Bay Hill Rescue club

Bay Hill is also launching its Tungsten rescue woods, with tungsten weighting, which it claims gives extra stability and feel together with its System X graphite shaft and ultra soft wrap grip..

Available in right handed only for men and women, with loft options of 18, 21 and 24 degrees, it has a Bay Hill head cover as standard. Cost is £69.99.

For your nearest stockist of Bay Hill products visit or call 01704 894688.



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