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Thu, 12 Jan 2012

Such was the impact of our recent feature - Instant Expert Guide to powered trolleys - that several manufacturers have been keen to tell us about updates, added benefits and further accessories for their products.

Here's a round-up of powered trolley news:

X7 is all-white!

Stewart Golf’s best-selling X7 Lithium model is now available in pearlescent white, joining the existing line up of metallic silver, metallic black and British racing green. 

Stewart Golf tells us the X7 is not sprayed with paint but is a multi-layer composite made in Austria offering strength, surface quality and durability. It is also UV stable which ensures that the colour will not fade in sunlight over time.

Managing director Mark Stewart says: “White is very fashionable for premium cars and this colour also looks awesome on the sculpted surfaces of the X7.”

For further information visit

CaddyCell update

One of the leaders in electric trolley batteries, CaddyCell, has unveiled a lightweight Lithium-Ion battery which it claims is 75% lighter than a standard lead acid battery, weighing 2.1 kilos but  still able to deliver up to 27 holes of golf.

Designed the same size as a standard golf trolley battery it can be fitted as a direct replacement for most 12-volt lead acid trolley batteries. ??Priced from £225, the CaddyCell Lithium is supplied with fitted leads and connectors and a matching, purpose- designed charger and a protective carry case. It comes with a two-year warranty.

The battery is available from  golf shops or directly from For more information visit

GoKart upgrades

Following the launch of its automatic model, GoKart is unveiling an £88 upgrade programme for existing owners (£139 for trolleys purchased before August, 2010).

GoKart says the new automatic option allows its customers to enjoy their rounds with 'no knobs or to adjust fiddly dials and switches to set the trolley's speed. Simply hold the handle and start walking and it willl match their pace. To slow it down hold and speed will reduce.'

To upgrade a trolley it must be returned to the factory where it will be checked and serviced and be given an extended two-year warranty. Price includes all transport and VAT.  

The GoKart retails at £244, with the Automatic feature available as an optional extra for a further £40.

For more information call 01227 712288 or visit

Motocaddy warranty extended to 5 years

Motocaddy has extended the warranty on its lightweight Lithium batteries to five years on any sold from January 1, 2012.

“The introduction of a five-year warranty for the Lithium battery shows just how reliable a product it has become,” says Motocaddy chairman David Wells. “Research has shown that golfers want the lightest, most efficient batteries to power their trolleys and the Motocaddy Lithium fits the bill."

Compatible with all Motocaddy electric trolley models, the Lithium battery recharges twice as quickly as a lead acid battery and weighs 2.5 kg. With charger the recommended price is£299.99. For further information visit

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