Callaway RAZR Fit for February launch

Driver and fairway woods with latest technology

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Fri, 9 Dec 2011

Callaway Golf has revealed that February 15, 2012, will be the date when its much-anticipated RAZR Fit drivers and fairway metals with adjustable hosels and moveable weights, will be available worldwide.

Clubs are already in the bags of its staff players including Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Alvaro Quiros.

The clubs have been created under the watchful eye of Englishman Dr. Alan Hocknell, senior vice president of research & development in California, to 'empowering players around the world to dial in their game.'

"We proud of the RAZR Fit products because of the performance gains we have achieved for golfers, while adding the benefits of adjustability," says Dr. Hocknell. "Callaway is not just entering the adjustability race we're taking the pole position."

Both RAZR fit options, he says, feature Callaway's OptiFit system, designed to make noticeable changes in trajectory for each of three face settings - open, square and closed - which change the angle of the shaft and head to a golfer's preferred look at address. This also helps minimise a slice or hook generated by the club's angle of attack to the ball.

A combination of aerodynamics and precise shaping of the clubface have also helped to increase clubhead speed for greater distance, says Callaway.

The RAZR Fit driver has a 45.5 Aldila RIPd NV shaft as standard, with loft options and is priced at £329, while RAZR Fit fairway woods are available in a 3-wood (15 deg) and 5-wood (18-deg) models with a suggested price of £199 each.

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