Could this be Cabrera's winning secret?

'Little One' training aid revealed

Golfmagic correspondent
Tue, 12 May 2009

'The Little One' smaller than a contemporary iron

Golfers on the US PGA Tour may have found the secret to Angel Cabrera's shock victory in the US Masters - a revolutionary training device with a half-size clubhead.

Called 'The Little One' from PSP Golf, the unique iron was launched at the PGA Expo Golf Show in Las Vegas last year but it wasn't until former Tour veteran Greg Powers, who represents the Momentus Trainer heavyweight wedge, showed it to Vijay Singh that it took off.

Eventually one fell into the hands of Cabrera at the WGC Accenture World Matchplay and the Argentine hasn't looked back.

"Angel got it at the Match Play. I know his teacher, Charlie Epps and he introduced it.," Powers revealed this week. "Angel said, 'Let me hit it,' and he loved it."

Epps allegedly called PSP Golf president Dana Bonomo before the Masters and said Cabrera has never hit the ball better and wanted to talk about distribution rights for the product in South America.

Cabrera's 'little secret?

Bonomo told the Press Association: "I'm not saying it's the reason he won the Masters, but I think it helped in some way."

Adds Powers: "As you take it out and practice with it, your swing gets better. It smooths out a golf swing and makes it consistent and on plane. It develops precision and a sense of consistency."

The iron cost £$120 and is available from

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