EZiCaddy trolleys in the pink

Company's bid to attract more women golfers

Golfmagic Equipment
Fri, 29 Jun 2012

In an effort to attract the growing feminine market for powered golf trolleys, Canterbury-based EZiCaddy has added a pink trim option as an alternative to its current cool-looking grey and burnt orange models. 

The pink trim is available on both the EZi3, now priced at £229, and the EZi5, which will set you back £279, both of which have attracted positive feedback from golfers.

According to EZiCaddy’s John de Graft-Johnson the move has already received a good response.

“Our customers, especially the lady golfers, tell us that they would like to have a broader range of colour options from which to choose.  So we’re starting with a very feminine pink option, and will be adding other colours shortly.”

Both trolleys come with battery, charger and free delivery. For more information visit www.ezicaddy.com or call 0800 849 1345.

FOOTNOTE: Following Golfmagic’s in-depth reviews of its EZi5 trolley, the company has changed the packaging of its EZiCaddy models to incorporate the front wheel fully fitted rather than separate. This, says the company, avoids any risk of customers unwittingly assembling the wheel on the skew.

Maybe more companies should offer customised colours for trolleys - or at least coloured stickers to match your favourite team? Tell us in the forum, via @Golfmagic or on our Facebook page which colours you would go for.



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