Galvin Green shirts get the sniff treatment

No more sweaty, smelly golfers!

Bob Warters
Wed, 8 Apr 2009

Jason shirt in green

  Golfers may not always be the healthiest-smelling sportsmen, as many of us will confirm having stood alongside a fellow player who, having made an early morning start and maybe neglected to shower, climbs breathlessly to crest an elevated tee or green.

Popular golf clothing manufacturer Galvin Green, doesn't appreciate its customers getting an unwashed reputation so has introduced the latest Coolmax fresh FX technology into its fabrics. Indeed, its new Jason short-sleeved golf shirt uses silver particles to fight bacteria and help keep the shirt smelling fresh all day long.

Silver ions, say the Swedish manufacturer, are slowly released throughout the day 'to stop the growth of bacterial colonies' and because the silver additive is spun directly into the yarn rather than applied after manufacture, the 'odour shield' remains highly effective even after repeated washing.

The Jason shirts (costing £79 and available in sizes from S-XXL) also feature a moisture management system that transports body heat and perspiration away from the skin for maximum comfort whatever the playing conditions.

And listen to this, all you golf widows everywhere, it does NOT NEED TO BE IRONED after washing!

Colour options are green/white, black/white or fog/black.



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