Here are seven brand new putter models that will keep you rolling along in 2012...

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Fri, 30 Mar 2012


TaylorMade Ghost Manta

TaylorMade’s brand new Ghost Manta, says the brand, features a new flat matte white finish and two black stripes for easy alignment.

With its wide-bodied frame, the Ghost Manta also includes a double-bend shaft to deliver offset without the shaft distracting from the putt.

It also has 50-gram tungsten weights on the heel and toe of the sole, a third adjustable weight in the sole. Compared to the stock 33- and 34-inch putter heads (360 grams), the 35-inch putter head weighs 370, the belly putter 380 and the long version 440 grams.

Available in regular (RRP £149) and belly length (RRP £179) at

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