Grismont unveils 3D-printed driving irons

Driving irons take inspiration from ancient Asian sculptures and Arabic architecture

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Wed, 24 Feb 2016

Grismont has unveiled its new limited edition driving irons which are 3D-printed, allowing the brand to create detailed shapes with precision.

The clubs, which draw inspiration from ancient Asian sculptures and Arabic architecture, benefit from a micro-welded clubhead, which the brand says is stronger than traditional cast irons.

Grismont’s driving irons are the invention of 26-year-old golf equipment designer Clement Pouget-Osmont, who embarked on a two-year development and testing programme after making clubheads for his friends in Paris. 

The hand-crafted Grismont range comes in three colours; ORI, which takes its visual cues from the Mashrabiya, a traditional Arabic latticework window design which dates from the Middle Ages; CÉS, inspired by ancestral Asian sculptures; and AIR, a see-through model which reinvents the back of a modern golf club, pushing 3D-printed golf technology to its limits.

Paris-based “digital designers” Linlin and Pierre Jacques worked with Pouget-Osmont to apply these evocative designs to Grismont golf equipment, ensuring that the original aesthetics did not compromise the clubs’ performance.

The irons have a game-improvement cavity, making them more forgiving and easier to get in the air. 

Although Grismont’s stainless steel clubheads are available in standard 1-iron (17 deg), 2-iron (19 deg) and 3-iron (21deg) lofts, the company can also custom-build the irons to order in any loft from 15 to 25 degrees, to suit a golfer’s wishes.

With a UK demo day programme still in development, golfers currently order their Grismont irons via an online customisation platform, where model, head colour, loft, setup and Grismont grip can be specified, as well as a choice of third-party shafts.

Golfers can send a video of their swing to Grismont, enabling technicians to construct clubs exactly matched to the individual.

“Just as every golfer is different, and indeed just as the sport of golf itself is ever-changing, we believe that the field of golf equipment design should fundamentally embrace new thinking, and the possibilities which new technology makes possible” said Pouget-Osmont.

Delivery time is three weeks, and the clubs come with a five year customer care programme.

Price: £1,200 per club (Classic Metal finish) £1,900 per club (Copper finish) £2,300 per club (Gold finish) 

Head to the Grismont website for more information. 



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