King Cobra breaking sales records

Everyone's desperate to get their hands on it

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Mon, 22 Apr 2002

Cobra, for so long the forgotten brand in golf, has muscled its way back into the spotlight with a driver that is outselling its rivals – by miles.

According to the makers of the newKing Cobra SS 370 Unlimited, launched at the beginning of the year, amateur golfers are discovering it strikes the ball further and straighter than its rivals.

In only six weeks, demand is so high that it will have sold twice its forecasted annual sale by the end of June.

Says Cobra’s Dave Silvers: " The most encouraging thing is that this is a club that has not been built for Tour players and doesn’t carry the price tag of a player-endorsed product (£295). It is built for golfers with handicaps of 9+ and is genuinely long. Magazines and websites (including Golfmagic) have tested all the big guns’ products and this one comes out top.

"A return to the big time is long overdue for Cobra and it’s great that it’s the genuine performance of the club that’s pushing sales."

Shops that sell Cobra products have been inundated with requests to test the driver, which does not conform to the strict standards set down by the USGA but, who cares, it's perfectly legal throughout the rest of the world.

Said Julian Mellor, pro at Leamington County GC: "In 10 years in the trade I have never known a product to sell as quickly. It’s the talk of my golf club! I sold my entire pre-book quota in 24 hours and have sold as many again in the two weeks since. Even the demo clubs are booked up a fortnight ahead!"

Mark Welch, at Chelmsford added: "It’s the hottest club we’ve ever had!"

With its massive, forgiving ‘hot’ sweet spot (hence the SS name), the Cobra is well-suited to low to mid-handicap golfers, say the makers. And with its a low centre of gravity I can also confirm it’s almost embarrassingly easy to hit off the deck.



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