Learn the Tour pro's dark secrets

TaylorMade rac Black TP wedge is identical to those used by the game's leading players

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Wed, 12 Oct 2005

Prince of darkness

Club golfers will soon have the benefit of discovering the Tour pros' dark secrets now that TaylorMade is releasing its latest rac Black TP wedge.

This improved scoring club, with its distinctive dark finish, has been honed by engineers following feedback from hours of practice and competition play by the world’s leading players.

Distinctive ‘Y-cutter’ grooves have been introduced to increase spin for improved spin, bite and control around the green and a new sole has been ground to allow players to open the face for softer landing chips. Large Feel Pockets claim to further dampen any vibration through the fingers at impact.

TaylorMade says the club’s sharper groove-edges will grab the ball more effectively without damaging the covers of today's premium-performance balls, while the ‘C-grind’ sole expands the variety of shots we can make to save those vital pars or even bogeys.

The makers admit the rac Black TP looks almost identical to the rac Black but closer inspection reveals the subtle differences and performance will be greatly enhanced with practice.

"Though the rac Black TP is only now being launched for the public, it, like many TaylorMade TP products, has already been played on Tour in prototype form, where tour pros have coveted it for its beauty, feel and control," says Brett Wahl, director of irons and wedges.

"And as part of TaylorMade's Tour Preferred (TP) line, golfers can be confident that the rac Black TP they buy is the same as the wedge played on Tour."

Recommended retail price will be £89, available in five different loft/Tour bounce configurations: 52/08, 54/10, 56/12, 58/08 and 60/06.



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