Man-powered Hill Billy!

Top brand re-introduces the motorless bag-carrier

Bob Warters
Wed, 7 May 2008

Tracker folds away neatly

Leading electric trolley brand Hill Billy has extended its range by taking the power out of its latest model and trusting in its free-wheeling capabilities.

The company recently launched the powered Hill Billy Terrain, but now says it has added fresh impetus to its range of products by expanding into the push trolley market with its Hill Billy Tracker. The price is £89.99.

Tracker with bag attached

This ultra lightweight alternative to a motorised trolley is robust in its aluminium frame and not only easy to fold and store, it's adjustable to suit a player’s height. It runs on bearing wheels, for quick release and low resistance on the course. Its bag stay and foot key means it can accommodate all bag types and while reducing bag twist.

“The Tracker represents a significant addition to our product portfolio," says Hill Billy's Terry Hale. "It's robust, durable and practical."

Tell us on the forum if you're still pulling or pushing your clubs under your own power or have switched to a motorised version of bag-carrier. Maybe you're still carrying.



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