Monty to use Rule 35

Colin Montgomerie switches golf balls to the Callaway Rule 35 and uses it this week at The K Club...

Martin Park
Thu, 6 Jul 2000

Monty to use Rule 35

European Number One Colin has made a dramatic move in golf equipment by choosing to play with the new Callaway Rule 35 golf ball.

Montgomerie, who has played the Titleist Professional golf ball for all of his seven wins in the order of merit and each tournament victory around the world, began testing the new ball earlier in the year at the Callaway factory in Carlsbad, California.

Montgomerie will use the ball for the first time in a tournament this week at the Smurfit European Open and is happy with the way the ball performs.

"It comes off the clubface with a lot less spin, and it's important to get the loft on the driver right, so I've been working hard on it. Said Monty.

"I want to try and win this tournament. It would be a good start for the new ball.

"The iron distances are pretty similar but the ball goes further off the tee, that's it's main difference, and being as I've just turned 37 I need all the help I can get!

"Around the greens it's a different feel, so I've been working on the putting and chipping mainly."

Montgomerie is among a host of players who have changed balls recently, the most significant being Tiger Woods' switch to the new Nike Tour accuracy ball a few weeks ago.

The big Scot joins the legendary Arnold Palmer, who signed recently with Callaway to promote their Rule 35 balls by their own choice.

“I have the choice as does every golfer!” Said Montgomerie “The Callaway Golf Rule 35 golf ball is truly a Complete Performance ball. It provides a remarkable combination of distance, spin, control, durability and feel, and this is why I have chosen to play it.”

“If Callaway Golf has invested $170 million in developing a golf ball, you know it is going to be good! Added the Big Scot.
"I believe that using the Rule 35 ball with the current Callaway Golf clubs that I use on the European Tour can only be of benefit to my game. Anything with Callaway on it is excellent!”

The ball that Monty uses is the same golf ball that is available at all retail outlets. The only difference is that all Colin’s golf balls will be personalised with the number 23 (Colin’s birth date) instead of the usual 1, 2, 3 or 4.

“We are delighted that Colin Montgomerie, Europe’s leading tour player, has chosen to play our new Rule 35 golf ball,” said Patrice Hutin, President of Callaway Golf Europe.
“We are confident that Colin’s decision will inspire others to make a similar choice, when it comes to selecting their golf ball. Our philosophy has always been to make the game more enjoyable and with the Rule 35’s Complete Performance comes complete enjoyment.”



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