NXT Tour, Velocity and DT SoLo will be here in March

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Thu, 26 Jan 2012


Explosive distance

The new Velocity ball, says Titleist, is 'powered for distance.'

It features Titleist’s exclusive high-speed LSX core in a NAZ2 cover to deliver 'high initial ball speed on all full swing shots as well as playable feel for the short game.'

Combined with a icosahedral 332-dimple design its aerodynamics, produces 'a soaring ball flight' and what Titleist engineers describe as 'deep down-range peak trajectory' - terminology that should perhaps be added to one of our latest GM forum threads.

Velocity balls are available with orange numberingfor £28 per dozen from March .

Want to see the new Titleist DT SoLo? Then this next page is for you…



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