New irons from Ben Hogan

Plus Strata and XL 3000 balls and Etonic shoes

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Wed, 16 Jan 2002

The Ben Hogan Golf Club company, which has its European base near Cambridge, heads for Florida this week to launch a new set of irons, available in the UK in April.
Improved Apex Edge Pro iron.

The PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando is the biggest showcase of new equipment in the world with all the leading manufacturers exhibiting and the Spalding sports company believe they have hit on a real winner with their updated clubs.

The new-look Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro irons claim to combine ‘game improvement features with traditional shaping’ and have a forged carbon steel head for better feel and a muscle-back design to create a low centre of gravity to get the ball airborne more quickly.

The clubs, which will be available at £600 for nine steel shafted irons (£800 for graphite shafts) also have a thinner top line and more cambered sole, than others in the Hogan line.

Says the company’s head of marketing Ian Stringfellow: "We are proud to continue Mr.Hogan’s legacy of using the finest craftsmen, materials and production methods to produce golf clubs that are as near perfect as modern day tools and instruments can perform."

The company will also be revealing seven new Strata and Top Flite balls and six new models of Etonic shoes available in the UK in February.

The Strata Tour Ultimate II, an upgrade of the version launched so successfully by Jim Furyk in last January’s Mercedes Championship, is a new multi-layer ball, claiming a higher launch angle, spin and extra distance and what the company describes as ‘one hop and stop’ control.

The Strata Tour Professional offers a more penetrating trajectory and more spin around the green with its Zynthane II cover and the Strata Professional Control claims more accuracy and high spin around the green. Cost per dozen will be £40, £36 and £30 respectively.

XL 3000 Super Straight balls.

Top Flite continues to be one of the most popular brands among handicap golfers and now there’s even more choice with the new XL3000 range at a budget-priced £19.99 a dozen.

The ‘Super Long’ and the ‘Super Spin’ claim to go seven yards further than the original XL2000 Extra Long and Exceptional Spin, while the Teflon-coated cover of the ‘Super Straight’ promises to reduce side spin for more accuracy off the tee.

The extra low compression of the ‘Super Feel’ is said to create more feel around the green.

Top of the range among six pairs of new shoes is the Etonic Dri-Lite AC500 – which the makers say is the first ‘air-conditioned golf shoe’. It has air mesh waterproof cooling vents and costs £89.99.

At just £34.99 a pair, the Dri-Lite 100 and Ladies Lites claim to be ‘the most comfortable and durable in their class.’



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