Nike CCi cast irons available November 1

Forged clubs for the low handicapper will be here in February.

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Wed, 18 Oct 2006

Nike is introducing new cast irons next month (November) to compliment its introduction of the Sumo square headed driver. It plans to launch a set of forged irons in February.

Targeted at mid to low-handicap golfers, the CCi (Composite Cavity Insert) irons feature a tungsten weight plug to create a lower of centre of gravity in the clubhead for higher trajectory and to increase forgiveness on miss-hits, while a polymer material reduces vibration for a softer feel.

Both the cast and forged CCis also include a milled face with the cast model featuring a thicker top line, more offset and a wider sole than the forged clubs. The cast irons also incorporate two polymer-filled sole ports to further dampen vibration. The forged irons, with a thin topline and minimal offset, have a 1025 carbon steel for improved feel and to help the accomplished players they're aimed at, shaped their shots, says Nike.

Available in True Temper Dynalite Gold steel or Mitsubishi Rayon Constant Weight graphite shafts, the CCi cast irons have a recommended price (per club) of £69 (steel) or £79 (graphite). CCi forged irons will be available in February at £89 each (steel only).

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