Nike to launch 3-in-1 irons

Forged Pro Combo clubs set for March debut

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Thu, 8 Aug 2002

Nike's Pro Combo irons - due here in March.

My first set of clubs, costing £25 including the bag, were sold to me by a colleague who had bought them in a Glasgow pawn shop. By all accounts he made a handsome profit.

They were a motley mixture of heads, shafts and grips but enabled me to complete my early rounds of golf in around 130 strokes and eventually got me to a 21 handicap.

Nearly thirty years later Nike Golf, reputedly the last word in golf club manufacture, has unveiled a new set of irons – the Forged Pro Combo - using a not too dissimilar approach to my miscellany of hand-me-downs.

The long irons are cavity-backs, the mid-irons muscle backs and the short irons and wedges, blades.

"Simply the perfect set of irons," says Nike, who will make the clubs available in Europe next March.

"We wanted to make the best clubs for every shot. With a full set of just blades or cavity backs, you sacrifice something in your game," says product director Mike Kelly. "That means taking a look at every club, the variety of shots each one is used for and the different swings players have, in order to create a set of irons that doesn’t sacrifice feel, forgiveness or distance."

The Pro Combo’s 2-, 3- and 4-irons carry more weight in the sole, heel and toe to create a lower centre of gravity, resulting, says Nike, in less club-head twisting and fewer slices common to long iron play.

The muscle back cavities in the 5-, 6- and 7-irons have weight pads to balance forgiveness and accuracy with clubhead weight distributed progressively towards the toe, as loft increases, ‘for better feel.’

The 8- and 9-irons and pitching wedge are blades with a higher centre of gravity ‘for better control, touch and feel’ and to prevent shots from ballooning.

Nike hasn’t settled on a price in Euros or pounds sterling for their new clubs but be assured the price of my original set wouldn't even buy a couple of new grips for these babies.

*The company also plans to launch next year its Nike T-40 Tour and Nike T-40 Oversized fairway woods, Nike 300cc Forged Steel drivers and Nike Golf Learning System clubs for children – Par Red, Birdie Blue and Eagle Silver.



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