Nike TW ball coming soon

Wanna hit it longer? putt better? Score better? Nike say you might need one of these...

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Martin Park
Fri, 26 Jan 2001

As the PGA Merchandising show gets underway in Orlando this week, one of the new offerings that will be well and truly under the spotlight is the Nike Tour Accuracy TW ball.

The ball, say Nike, is exactly the same ball as used by World number One Tiger Woods, the same ball that was used to win three majors last year, increase Woods’ driving distance, putting average and overall scoring average in the record breaking year that will forever be remembered.

The “Phenomenon’s” ball is coming soon

But what about an opportunity for us amateur golfers to test it? In chat rooms around the Internet, including our own here on GOLFmagic, golf addicts have been wondering how they could possibly get their hands on a sleeve.

To date, the only way many amateurs could try the Nike Tour Accuracy TW is to be at an event that Tiger Woods is playing in, and catch it when he lobs it into the crowd.

But we won’t have to wait too long before the ball arrives in the UK, approximately March or April and Tiger followers everywhere will have the chance to experience what it is really like to hit Woods’ golf ball.

These golf balls differ minimally from the Nike Tour Accuracy, which is currently available. It is manufactured to the specifications of a cover and core that is 5% harder than the original Tour Accuracy.

To check out further information on the new Nike Tour Accuracy TW ball, click on Nike’s Golf Website



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