Nike will sell Tiger's ball

The ball that Tiger does not advertise will be availble soon...that is if you can play with it according to Azinger

Martin Park
Sat, 26 Aug 2000

Nike will sell Tiger's ball

Nike admitted yesterday that the ball that Tiger Woods uses will be available to the general public in the very near future.

The "Tiger" ball is slightly harder than the marketed 'Tour Accuracy' currently sold in the shops and the reason that Nike didn't sell it was because that it may be difficult to put into mass production and for the not so good among us, it might prove a bit difficult to play with!

Even Paul Azinger, a fellow Nike ball player admitted that playing with Tiger's equipment and ball would prove a tough task for anyone else but Tiger.

"Who in the general public could play Tiger's ball?" Azinger said. "The technology that goes into Tiger's ball is the same as the one I'm using.

"It has to do with how the cover adheres to the core. That's the big thing that makes the ball so good.

"The firmness of the cover allows my ball to spin more. That's why my ball is more appealing to the average player but Tiger would spin mine too much.

"All we're talking about here is a difference in how much the ball is going to spin. I think there's a big to-do about nothing.

"It's like the snow skies the downhillers use. They're not durable enough to go to the consumer market."

While Azinger uses the 'Tour Accuracy', which is more suitable for an average player than the official "Tiger ball" he did admit that he understood the uproar of Woods not playing with the ball he advertises.

"He's advertising a ball not available to the public. I totally understand the uproar. I can hear guys screaming about that," Azinger said.

Gladly, Nike have admitted it and they will now sell the ball to the public within the next few months.



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