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Tue, 6 Nov 2001

Golf fashion house Fade, based in unlikely Buckinghamshire, has launched a new range of 21st century golf gear.

Women golfers will find it particularly attractive, especially the fleeces, zip knit tops, sports skirts, windcheaters and golf dresses.

Women’s gilet and dress.

Prices appear very reasonable with zip-up Panther II fleeces (black, stone or lilac) from £40, knitted tops (black or stone) at £50, black or stone zip-front skirts(£25) and stretch trousers in black or stone (£45).

Calf-length cropped trousers are £40, while sleak windcheaters and gilets(black or stone) cost £60. Cool-looking golf-dresses in black, white or lilac, with zip fronts will turn heads at £40.

Budget price and stylish.

The men's range is less-spectacular but includes practical weatherwear including the Stormdrifter II waterproof suit in black at a highly competitive £150, including trousers. A fleece-lined Stormdrifter jacket costs £90.

The zip front knitted tops (£50) look better suited to a cycling holiday than a golf course and the polo shirts(from £25) have little different to commend them, but with a fleece overshirt in black, khaki, magenta or turquoise(£25), Fade is making every effort to attract a younger audience to their products.

Call 01753 472940 for a brochure.



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