Power-free yardages from Motocaddy

S3 Lite push trolley offers distance measuring, too

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Mon, 13 Feb 2012

Distance-measuring on golf trolleys need not necessarily be exclusively restricted to battery-powered models. Motocaddy is introducing the S3 Lite with a built-in feature in the handle enabling the golfer to work out their yardages whether they are pulling or pushing their golf equipment bag around the course.  

The new S3 Lite trolley freewheels forwards and backwards yet lets its user determine the length of a tee shot or the distances past yardage markers. And if they need to know how far they’ve walked during a round it will tell them that, too.

Other new features on the digital screen mounted on the stylish ergonomic handle include a ‘round’ timer and built-in clock. It also has a removable, insulated food and drink pouch that sits between the sporty, quick-release rear wheels.

Based on the frame design of the popular Motocaddy S1 Lite, the trolley features the exclusive S-Series folding system that locks together, a lightweight 6kg aluminium frame, foot-operated parking brake and adjustable bag supports.

Says Motocaddy chairman David Wells: “The S3 Lite offers more features than any push cart ever made and is the first non-electric model to include a built-in measurement device.”

RRP £129.99

For more information on the S3 Lite, available from March, visit www.motocaddy.com

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