ProQuip splashes colour on knitwear range

Water-repellent sweatshirts from everyone's favourite waterproof brand

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Tue, 8 May 2012

ProQuip has stepped up its water-repellent knitwear range to ten different colours with the addition of mariner blue, purple, kiwi green and persian blue.

The 2012 European Ryder Cup weatherwear supplier claims its knitwear range is manufactured using 100% British lambswool and is specially treated to make it water repellent.

“The combination of high quality, stylish knitwear with weatherwear technology has proved a hit with golfers, which is why we are expanding the collection and introducing new colours,” said ProQuip’s chief designer Richard Head.

“Many golfers prefer not to wear a waterproof jacket in light rain and showers, which our water repellent knitwear allows you to do. It is a unique mix of traditional style, comfort and performance.”

The new colours in the knitwear range are available in crew-neck and V-neck styles in addition to the pre-existing colour options of navy, grey mix, black, tartan green, bordeaux and autumn red. Available at £56 in sizes S-XXL.

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