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For the golfer who has almost everything!

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Mon, 15 Apr 2002

Remote-controlled RoboKaddy.

Golf manufacturers have been running the gauntlet of authority by introducing clubs and balls that increasingly behave on the course.

Clubs hit the ball longer and straighter, balls are easier to control and spin. In the hands of the pros, it’s almost as if they’re remote controlled.

PowaKaddy, the best-known name in powered trolleys, have yet to develop clubs and balls, but they know a thing or two about controlling the equipment that carries them.

Their latest introduction is the RoboKaddy Titanium Sport, a lightweight powered trolley that answers almost every command – a bit like a dog that has attended a series of Saturday morning training classes.

It will ‘go!’ ‘stay!’ ‘sit!’ at the press of a button – and even wait obediently on the next tee. It hasn’t learned to ‘fetch!’ yet and, thankfully, it hasn’t formed an opinion of your driving, putting or bunker play. Though if doll-manufacturers can pre-record messages, the developers at Powakaddy could make that the next breakthrough.

Imagine returning to your remote control RoboKaddy and hearing ‘Tut, tut…fancy missing that putt!’ or ‘Is that the best you could do from there?’

PowaKaddy says this cart is revolutionary and operated by a pocket size transmitter, while the ‘whisper quiet motors drive the independently controlled rear wheels.’

I have seen similar ones before but not in lightweight titanium or as easy as this to fold away in the boot of your car.

For the golfer who has almost everything – apart from a scratch golf game – this could be the ultimate gadget.

But with a price tag of £1 short of 800 quid, you’d at least expect a bit of golf tuition thrown in.



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