Rossa putters revealed

Red hot putters coming soon

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Tue, 29 Jan 2002

With a distinctive crimson inserts in the face and the back of the clubhead, TaylorMade Golf has launched its new red hot line of 20 Rossa Tour and Sport putters.

The two-piece Titallium inserts are separated by a 1 mm thin steel membrane, which the makers claim produces better distance control and a unique sound and feel.

The clubs have already been successful in the hands of Dunhill title winner Justin Rose and Mercedes Championship and Phoenix Open runner-up Kenny Perry. Ernie Els also used a version to win the World Cup and Vodacom Players event in South Africa.

The Tour version, with eight different models will be forged and milled from 1020 carbon steel and available at £179 and the Sport (12 models) will cost £129, cast and milled from 304 stainless steel. Both makes will be available in the UK in early April.

"We were given autonomous control within TaylorMade to build a performance putter," says Sean Toulon, head of Rossa's product development team.

"As a result we have been able to win over some of the world's best players just a couple months after Rossa's inception. And with the buzz that's rapidly developed on Tour, I'm confident the clubs will be a hit in amateur golfers, too."

Weekend golfers might feel it’s a lot to pay for a putter but the putter tends to be used for 45 per-cent of shots in a round – compared with 10-15 per-cent for a driver – and TaylorMade is convinced the rewards will make it good value.

Apparently, the secret, says TaylorMade, is a lower centre of gravity in the face helping produce low spin from the slightly lofted face – yes, even putters invoke backspin! - therefore creating better roll on the putting surface and less twist with off-centre strikes.

Shaft lengths will come in 33, 34 and 35 inches, with two left-handed models available in each line.



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