Schhh! ProQuip reveals Monty's secret weapon

New weatherwear may prove crucial at Ryder Cup

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Thu, 30 Sep 2010

Edinburgh-based ProQuip, suppliers of waterproofs to the European team, must be quietly and smugly rubbing their hands in anticipation of rain this weekend - the weather forecast suggests its latest products will be much in evidence at the Ryder Cup.

The lightweight suits to protect the players from the inspected squalls blowing across the TwentyTen course at The Celtic Manor, have reputedly had significant in put from European captain Colin Montgomerie, who has left nothing to chance in ensuring his team is best prepared.

The accompanying product publicity says 'rain or shine, when the opening tee shots are struck on Friday, Monty will know his men are fully prepared to win in all weathers.' And ProQuip's managing director Richard Head is convinced it's no idle boast - indeed it may well serve as Monty's secret weapon.
“We presented a number of technical fabric options to Colin at an early stage, but he was clear from the outset – he wanted the lightest and quietest rain suit possible,” said Head.

“I have worked closely with numerous Ryder Cup captains, American and European, since the 1980s, but none have been as clear and decisive in their specific requirements as Colin.
“Taking into account the rain at The K Club in 2006, he made it abundantly clear just how important he believes hs team's weatherwear to be for Wales. We have done some incredibly detailed, technical work on this suit and Colin has been involved every step of the way."
He adds that some lightweight waterproofs tend to be crisp and therefore rustle, the European Team rain suit offers virtually eliminates fabric noise during the swing, enabling the player to remain focussed on his shot.
The European team suit, was inspired by ProQuip’s award-winning Ultralite technology, a highly technical waterproof outer fabric and offering performance benefits similar to the new Ultralite Tour suit, launched this week.

Ultralite Tour suit (jacket £100, navy trousers £69) has stand-up collar and velcro cuffs is crease-resistant and durable, making it ideal for golfers. like me, who leave their waterproofs in their golf bags between rounds.

During manufacture, electricity is passed over the yarn to make the fibres stand up on end, adding density to the fabric and enabling it to spring back into shape. ? ?The suit features a new, stylish cut (sizes S-XXXL) and in navy/pewter; navy/airforce; navy/crimson; navy/mustard; navy.



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