Shotsaver introduces S430 Tour Pro

New 3D lay-up and green flyover views

Golfmagic Equipment
Thu, 29 Mar 2012

There’s nothing more annoying than attempting to lay up short of the pond with your second before unzipping the ball pocket to play your fourth.

Thanks to GPS brand Shotsaver and its brand new S430 Tour Pro, those horrific scenes will never happen again. Unless you thin it, of course. 

Preloaded with more than 5,500 European course maps with the capacity to hold a further 15,000, Shotsaver says the device’s impressive 3D ‘Lay-Up Technology’ helps users plan for greater handling of the course.

Shotsaver adds that its latest gizmo calculates the distance of the next two shots from their position to the front, centre and back of the green.

The S430 Tour Pro also comprises 3D ‘Fly-over Technology’, taking golfers down the full length of each hole and helping them plan the best route to the green before they’ve even stepped onto the course.

Shotsaver also allows golfers to record the distance each ball is hit and which club was used, helping them to develop their game and monitor progress.

The device also has a sunlight readable 3.5-inch LCD screen and is also fully waterproof to ensure that users are not caught out in bad weather on the green.

The Shotsaver S430 Tour Pro is available from £249.99 at and includes free course updates, golf trolley mount, travel case and protective silicon case.

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