SkyCaddie SGX is now Wi-Fi enabled

Distance-measuring updated for March launch

Tue, 31 Jan 2012

SkyCaddie has unveiled its latest SkyCaddie SGX(W) distance-measuring device which can now be connected to a compatible wireless network at your home, office, golf course or through a public Wi-Fi hotspot for fast downloads of its 30,000 course maps.

The makers say that the £329.99 satellite-linked unit can also upload your scores instantly to its ClubSG system for analysis without cables or computers.

Other features include RangeVue yardage arcs for ‘smarter club selections’, ground-verified course maps and pin-point technology showing distance to the pin. The Wi-Fi-enabled hand-held unit will be available in March.

Among other stroke-saving features is an interactive HoleVue providing an eagle’s view of the entire length of the hole, identifying yardages needed to avoid hazards and fairway and green landing areas enabling golfers to make more perceptive club selections.

IntelliGreen Pro even calculates distances to key green contours and false fronts.

Seems it’s like having top caddie Billy Foster on your bag - without the jokes and the back chat!

The SkyCaddie SGX(W), a gold-award winner in the Golf Digest ‘hot list’ - has a three-inch, high-resolution, screen for image clarity in the brightest sunlight and a 50-channel GPS receiver to lock on more quickly to satellites in all terrains.

With thousands of course maps from around pre-loaded, the SkyCaddie SGX(W) has the ability to store up to 50 full-featured courses through SkyCaddie’s membership plan (from £29.95 annually).

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