Softspike brush launched

Unclog your spikes with Black Widow brush

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Wed, 3 Apr 2002

The new Black Widow brush.

Golfers wearing Softspikes in their shoes are outstripping those with traditional metal spikes. They're not only more comfortable but less damaging to the delicate putting surfaces, courses are trying to develop.

The only downside to the soft plastic cleats is their tendency to clog with mud and grass when conditions are wet, reducing grip and traction underfoot.

Now the makers of the best-selling Black Widow cleats, the ones with the short flexible tabs resembling a spider's legs, have launched a special brush to help golfers remove dirt more easily.

The Black Widow brush has been designed with three sets of heavy duty nylon brushes that simultaneously clean the top as well as the undersides of the cleat in the gap between the sole. Even the most stubborn debris can be whisked away in a flash.

The brush (£6.99 from most golf stores) comes with a handy clip that attaches to the golf bag.

Says Softspikes Bill McGuinness: "We have listened to golfer feedback and have come up with this ingenious solution to the cleat cleaning problem."

Softspikes are the top-selling brand of cleat with more than 65% of all European Tour pros wearing them. In the US 18 events were won by players using Softspikes last year.



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