Softspikes outlines benefits of cleated shoes

Tests determine replaceable golf cleats consistently outperform cleatless shoes

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Fri, 16 Dec 2011

Softspikes, the No.1 cleat on Tour, has revealed the benefits of using cleated golf shoes compared to cleatless ones via results from a traction study.

The test, conducted at the Softspikes Advanced Research Centre (ARC), determined that in wet conditions, new, out-of-the-box cleated shoes provided up to 70% more traction then new, out-of-the-box cleatless shoes, while holding traction up to 32% longer.

Under dry test conditions, shoes with replaceable cleats provided up to 51% more traction then new cleatless shoes, while holding traction up to 34% longer. 

Additionally, after 20 rounds of golf, shoes featuring replaceable cleat maintained 100% of their original traction in wet conditions, and 94% of their original traction in dry conditions.  In contrast, cleatless shoes lost 26-28% of traction in both conditions.

“Although we based this study on just 5,000 steps, compared to the more than 200,000 a golfer would normally take over 20 rounds, the results were quite eye-opening,” said Bob Burt, Vice President, Engineering and OEM Development, Softspikes.

“Out-of-the-box and new, cleatless golf shoes have 50-70% less traction than the shoes with golf cleats, and in just over three weeks of use the shoes lost another 25-28% of their traction capability.  That’s a considerable loss of traction for new golf shoes.”

The traction tests were performed in lab conditions, on a flat surface with the compression applied directly at 90 degrees, which the company attains is the best possible condition for traction.

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