Softspikes outlines pros of changing cleats

Tests determine regularly replacing cleats lowers scores

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Fri, 30 Mar 2012

Softspikes, the No.1 cleat on Tour, has revealed that changing your cleats on a regular basis provides better traction, enhanced stability and lower scores.

Simply put, Softspikes compares wearing old, worn cleats to driving on worn tires. Here’s what the latest study revealed…


Only when golfers change their cleats will they see the real traction benefits. There is no comparison; those who play in old, worn cleats may as well not have any at all.

Changing your cleats will hugely benefit a golfer’s swing, through improved traction. This significantly aids distance and stability, breeding confidence and ultimately lower scores.


The performance benefits of changing cleats are there for all to see. If a golfer isn’t confident that his stance is secure, he/she simply won’t be able to swing freely. This will, of course, severely affect performance and ultimately harm scores.


Ask any professional, and they will confirm the importance of stability in a consistently successful golf swing. If a golfer has worn cleats, he/she won’t be able to maintain stability across a multitude of lies, thus affecting their performance.


Shoe comfort is essential for any golfer. Discomfort will seriously affect enjoyment, and ultimately performance. Having new cleats will aid comfort no end.

All Softspikes cleats also hold Dynamic Cleat Technology, significantly improving comfort by allowing the golfers’ legs to move independently.

This unique DCT technology also ensures that grass is trapped between the back of the cleat and the outsole. Such assets ultimately promote superior leg flex, therefore maximising traction.

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