Spalding launches 'Tour'Straight ball

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Fri, 3 May 2002

Currently sueing Wilson, claiming advertisements for their Staff True golf balls were based on flawed test methods and results, Spalding is launching its own new ball next month.

Strata Tour Straight.

Spalding claims the Strata Tour straight is the first of its kind - multi-layered and coated with a slick Teflon surface - to reduce the natural sidespin handicap golfers automatically impart at impact.

Since sidespin, says Spalding, is what causes a slice or hook, this ball can help deliver straighter, more accurate shots. The ball features a distinctive green arrow on the ball instead of the usual lettering.

"It’s designed for golfers who want to keep the ball on the fairway to improve their scores," says Spalding’s Ian Stringfellow.

He says the dimple design improves the ball’s aerodynamic efficiency, delivers more distance, and feels softer because of lower compression compared to the Maxfli Noodle, Titlelist NXT Distance and Nike Double C Distance.

The Strata Tour Straight will be available from June at £26 per dozen.

Meanwhile Wilson is fighting Spalding’s claim that its True ball neither ‘putted truer’ nor was ‘perfectly balanced.’ A court decision in the US is expected soon.



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