Stunning-looking Nike wedges


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Tue, 15 Nov 2005

Nike SV wedge (58 deg)

While appealing to the ‘how far’ merchants of golf, with its recent SasQuatch drivers and fairway metals, Nike hasn’t lost sight of those of us who count our success in ‘how many’ shots we take in a round and ‘how close’ we can get to the hole from around the green.

"The closer a golfer gets to the cup the more precise they need to be," says Nike in its latest promotion of its SV (Spin Velocity) wedges. "We also recognise the need for short game precision and consistency."

Nike’s stunning new wedges – available in its stores by the end of November - feature a black nickel finish with a profile, shape and bounce used by professionals, though designed for golfers of all abilities.

The CNC milled face, say the makers, is the secret to its consistent distance and shot dispersion, combined with a carbon steel material to give an added softer touch and feel.

A combination of the tried and tested U and V-grooves are designed to reduce water and dirt build up and to enhance grab and spin on impact, while Lamkin Crossline grips and Dynamic Gold S400 shafts help improve control.

The Nike SV wedges will cost £69 and will be available in 52 degree (10 degree bounce), 54 (12), 56 (14), 58 (10) and 60 (10) lofts. Left handers can get the 52, 56 and 60 degree versions.



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