Tiger not using Nike ball

Well, he does, but not the one you can buy in the shops...that is for Tiger use only...

Wed, 23 Aug 2000

Tiger not using Nike ball

Nike admitted today that Tiger Woods does not use the same ball as the ones normal punters can buy in the shops.

The ball Woods uses is slightly different to the 'Tour Accuracy' ball that Nike imply Woods uses and endorses.

Nike said the balls Woods uses have a slightly harder inner and outer core than the balls sold to the public.

"Those two elements are slightly firmer than the marketed ball,'' Mike Kelly, marketing director for Nike Golf said.

"It's an industry practice to make minor specification changes to golf products: irons, putters and golf balls for tour players,'' Kelly said. "Slight specification and modifications need to be made to their equipment for their game.''

Unlike other companies who market and sell the same ball the players use to the public, Nike have hoodwinked the general public into believing that Woods plays with the same ball as the rest of us who buy them. Bad news for those dedicated followers of Woods who traded in their old Titleists for the new Tour accuracy ball.



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