Tiger's ball: The truth

The Nike Tour Accuracy has been under scrutiny recently as Woods uses a different ball to the one he endorses...Nike tell all

Martin Park
Sat, 16 Sep 2000

Tiger's ball: The truth

The Nike Precision Tour Accuracy golf ball has received a lot of attention over the past few months, but has really been under the microscope since Tiger Woods decided to make it his ball of choice.

Woods, who switched from the Titleist Tour professional in May has used the ball this season with great success. But the chief competition claimed that Nike were not throwing straight dice, claiming that Nike sold a different ball to the public than the one Woods uses.

However, when put under the cosh, Nike admitted that the ball sold to the general public was not quite the same ball as used and endorsed by Woods.

But according to Nike, it has been the industry practice for years.

"Since the very first reports, prior to the US Open, about Tiger's switch to the Nike Precision Tour Accuracy golf ball, we have been forthright with the media on the slight modifications made to that ball." said Mike Kelly, Marketing Director for Nike Golf.

"The ball Tiger plays is in fact a Nike Precision Tour Accuracy. Golfers can buy the same ball technology that has just won three straight record setting major championships and has won eight times on the PGA Tour this season."

"The Nike 'Dynafuse' injection molded construction, urethane materials, manufacturing process, tooling, dimple pattern, and mantle layers are exactly the same in both products" said Stan Grissinger, Golf Ball Business Director for Nike Golf.

"The difference is a slightly harder cover and core to accommodate Tiger's 125 mph swing-speed. The fine tuning from the commercial version is minimal and made to accommodate the unusually high club head speed he generates."

World number One Woods shared his thoughts…"Part of my role with Nike Golf is to help develop products out on tour that will make a difference for all golfers. Once I tested and ultimately switched to the Nike Precision Tour Accuracy, I was confident that its performance would give me a competitive advantage". Said Woods

"However, during the testing period I discovered that due to my club head speed, I needed a firmer cover and core to keep the ball from spinning too much. So my Tour Accuracy is a slightly modified version which matches the ball's performance with my swing. Based on my experience, this is common practice on the Tour and in the golf industry."

"It is common practice in the golf industry to make slight changes to golf products out on the tour," said Kel Devlin, Sports Marketing Director for Nike Golf.

"Tour players often require slight tweaks for a product to perform for their unique swing and launch conditions. Our competition has made these same slight modifications for decades".

So how does the ball perform? Better go and get hold of one and see if you can emulate Tiger!!!



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