Titleist adds fairway and hybrid to MSS models

910F and 910H given more loft for improved performance

Wed, 7 Dec 2011

Titleist is extending its range of equipment for players with moderate swing speeds to fairway metals and hybrids.

Already the 12-degree Titleist 910 D2 MSS driver is proving a popular fit for those unable to generate the power needed to get the best from the original 910 D2s with their flatter lofts, now the brand, thanks to its Sure-Fit hosel engineering, bring the technology to its 910 fairway metalsand hybrids.

Titleist’s Research & Development engineers, who discovered that golfers whose ball speed topped out at 130 mph or less would experience substantial gains from additional driver loft (above 10.5 degrees), decided to adapt their results to the lofted woods family.

They determined that for those with swing speeds of 70-90mph (ball speed 110-130mph) a 21-degree 910F fairway metal head and a 910H hybrid model with 27 degrees of loft, would deliver greater distance and improved performance, thanks to higher launch and additional spin stability.

“The introduction of the 910 metals line has been a revelation,” said Steve Pelisek, general manager, Titleist golf clubs.  “SureFit technology provided a quantum leap in terms of how precisely we can dial in optimal launch conditions and ball flight for individual golfers.

" And In fitting with SFT, we learned there was a segment of serious golfers we weren’t reaching sufficiently. The new extension within the 910 metals family, along with the introduction of the new AP 712 series irons allows us the ability to provide any golfer, regardless of swing speed, with best-in-class golf clubs that will allow them to get the most out of their games.”

The new Titleist 910F 21-degree fairway metals carry a recommended price of £215 and the Titleist 910H hybrid (27 degrees) is priced at £197. Both are available in right and left-handed options, with a range of shafts. The price includes headcover and wrench for adjusting the preferred lie. 



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