Titleist driver: Fit for a Tour pro

How Faxon, Stricker and Johnson found the right club to suit

Bob Warters
Thu, 4 Dec 2008

It's often fascinating trawling through other sites in search of interesting stories and facts and figures to bring to Golfmagic members and recently I came across details of fitting US Tour stars Brad Faxon, Steve Stricker and Zach Johnson for the latest Titleist drivers - all in the capable hands of Titleist's PGA tour rep Fordie Pitts.

Titleist 909D2 driver

Indeed Johnson had his fitting shortly before he claimed his first title of the year - the Valero Texas Open - switching from his previous 8.5 degree Titleist 905R driver to 909D2 with an identical loft.

“Our goal during Zach’s fitting was to increase launch and reduce spin while meeting his preferred look, feel, and ball flight preferences,” said Fordie. “Zach is a player who’s swing produces a fairly steep angle of attackwith a driver and will typically produce low launch and high spin - the most difficult launch conditions to fit.

"If you increase launch with loft you will typically increase spin resulting in a loss of distance. The great news with Zach is that we were able increase his launch and reduce his spin due to a combination of Zach shallowing his angle of attack and the lower and deeper centre of gravity (CG) location of the 909D2.”

For Faxon - perhaps best known as one of the Tour's greatest putters - he was looking for more distance and straighter tee shots and swapped his10.5-degree Titleist 907D2 driver for the latest 909DComp with a loft of just 9.5 degrees.

“Brad was looking for a driver that produced longer distance and straighter drives,” Fordie said. “The 909DComp’s full-pear profile and 460cc head looked great and the titanium and composite construction created a lower and deeper CG for reduced spin, higher launch and length and accuracy he wanted. It was a home run for Brad.”

Titleist 909Dcomp driver used by Brad Faxon

Faxon commented: “I like the 909DComp driver because it looks, feels, and sounds great. I want more distance like everyone else, but keeping the ball in the fairway is just as important. My new 909DComp does both.”

Stricker, meanwhile traded in his Titleist 907T driver for the 909D3 with a smaller 440cc head, which fitted his eye better than the 460cc versions.

“Steve is a high ball speed player (170 mph) who could use less spin, and he likes the look of a driver with a smaller head,” said Fordie.

Stricker added: “I like a driver that sits square at address and a profile that’s pleasing to my eye. In addition, I want to turn the ball over with less spin. My 909D3 does all of that and I can even tee the ball lower with this driver and hit bullets without worrying about the ball shooting too high.”

Visit www.titleist.co.ukto find your local fitting centre.



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