Titleist expand Custom Fit

Titleist expand the successful custom fitting program around the country

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Thu, 8 Jun 2000

Titleist expand Custom Fit

Titleist have significantly expanded the DCI Custom Fitting program by increasing the number of UK Custom Fitting Centres to 141.

The Titleist Custom Fitting System was pioneered in the UK in 1993 and has expanded steadily. But as more customers recognise the benefit of custom fitted irons, especially in the premium performance sector, Acushnet initiated a broader rollout. Additionally, more golf professionals want to add sophisticated custom fitting to the service they offer to their members and visitors, while adding much value to the products they sell.

As every golfer is individual and every swing unique, it is not difficult to see why buying a set of custom fit clubs is virtually essential. No-one buys clothes on a one-size-fits-all basis!

Titleist’s proven fitting process, which takes around 30 minutes only, determines the correct model, lie, shaft material, shaft flex, shaft length and grip style and size for each individual. A purpose built cart containing forty-eight 5 irons allows trial of numerous options until the ideal combination of specification generates optimal ball flight. This is vital and is why Titleist Custom Fitting is not conducted in a net, so that the golfer can see for themselves the successive improvement in the quality and consistency of their ball striking.

Improvements that are regularly noticed include: better directional control, reduction of hook or slice spin, higher trajectory, increased distance and/or more solid feel.

Angus Dow, PGA Professional at Stoke Rochford Golf Club and Titleist’s first Custom Fitting Professional says “I’m a big believer in the way Titleist Custom Fit as I can give my customers the best designed irons on the market properly fitted to their physique and swingstyle. There are other fitting systems trying to emulate the Titleist Custom Fitting System, but Titleist were the first and they’re still way out in front!”

Customers buying Titleist DCI irons through a Custom Fitting Account will normally receive their irons within 10 days and each iron has a personalised shaft band with their name on. In addition, Titleist hold a database of all DCI Custom Fit sets, so that in the event of a lost wedge or a broken shaft, by referring to the database, Titleist can build an exact replacement to the original specification.

Customers also get a 60 day Best Fit guarantee. Should the final specifications not prove to be to the customer’s liking, on notification within 60 days, Titleist will amend the irons at no charge.

Graham Guy, Managing Director of Acushnet Ltd, summed up “We are deeply committed to the Custom Fitting process. It is costly, but comprehensive, and as more golfers appreciate the value of Custom Fitting, we want to ensure our customers realise the full potential of Titleist DCI irons.”

Details of all the fully trained Titleist Custom Fitting Centres are on titleist.co.uk or may be obtained by calling 0800 616198. Alternatively, the Titleist Custom Fitting Service is available at all Titleist Demo Days, details of which are also listed on www.titleist.co.uk



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