Wilson launches True ball

Claims all other balls are 'imbalanced'

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Thu, 24 Jan 2002

Wilson is introducing a new golf ball – The True - at the PGA Merchandise Show, in Orlando this week, claiming that all other balls, including its former products, are imbalanced.
Wilson's True ball.

Using a robot on its stand, it is claiming that only its new product runs true on a flat surface, because it’s the most consistently balanced.

Wilson’s ball has a slightly heavier cover – which it claims can also help to produce a truer flight from tee shots. The combination of equal density in the core and cover cuts out imbalance, says the company, because it claims, other balls roll unpredictably because their cores are off-centre.

Other manufacturers are furious.

Accushnet’s George Sine –his company make Titleist and Pinnacle balls- comments: "Through exhaustive quality assurance and inspections, we ensure that is not the case with Titleist or Pinnacle products."

However, Wilson is convinced its technology will put all other balls in the shade as the ball of the future.

The three-piece True Tour with urethane cover and the two-piece True Distance (ionomer cover) balls will be available in the US in April at $39.99 for a dozen – so expect to pay at least £3 a ball in the UK, when they eventually arrive later in the Spring.



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