Wilson Staff launches FG Tour M3 range

Classy Tour family includes adjustable woods to suit more golfers

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Fri, 27 Sep 2013

Anthony Wall, Padraig Harrington, Paul Lawrie and Andreas Hartø pose with their new Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 clubs at St Andews this week

WILSON STAFF is introducing a new family of FG Tour clubs that offer a wider range of players with greater-feeling irons and the chance to personalise their woods, as we alerted you to at the start of the week.

The new Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 range of irons, driver, fairway woods and hybrids have been designed with the input of Wilson Staff Tour professionals such as Padraig Harrington, Paul Lawrie, Anthony Wall and Andreas Hartø (pictured above), but the innovative adjustability on the metal woods also gives club players the opportunity to customise the clubs to suit their individual game.

A Multi Fit System enables both loft and weight to be adjusted on all FG Tour M3 metal woods to fit the to the individual players swing characteristics.

Each wood has six adjustable hosel settings and three interchangeable sole weights that can be applied to maximise ball speeds, while obtaining the right launch angle and spin rate for enhanced distances. The innovative system offers the option of using a 3-, 7- or 11-gram weight in each wood to maximise clubhead speed.

The 3-gram weight, made from aluminium, is for those golfers who would benefit from ‘SuperLight’ weighting to maximise clubhead speed with the same effort.

The 7-gram weight – made of steel – comes installed in all FG Tour M3 woods and is designed for the majority of golfers using the The Right Light technology, for the perfect balance of feel and increased distance.

The 11-gram weight, made of steel, offers ‘Traditional’ weighting for players preferring a heavier swing weight.

A Multi Fit System pouch is included with every driver, fairway wood and hybrid. Each pouch contains an adjustability wrench, three weights and an instructional booklet.

“Through personalised custom-fit options, the FG Tour M3 range provides a wider spectrum of golfers with Tour-standard clubs that can take their game onto the next level by optimising their trajectory and maximising their ball speed,” said Global Director of R&D Michael Vrska.

“As more Tour player switch to lighter equipment, Wilson Staff R&D has shown that virtually all players, including low handicappers and Tour staff, will increase both distance and control by using ‘The Right Light’ Technology. Applied in the FG Tour M3 range, this technology optimises head, shaft and grip weight to improve performance.”

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