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True or false? Have Wilson found the perfect ball?

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Fri, 1 Mar 2002

One in four balls are unbalanced and likely to ruin your putting, according to figures exclusively revealed to Golfmagic by leading manufacturers Wilson.

The US-based equipment and ball-makers, who this week have been displaying their products at the French Golf Show, say their new Wilson Staff True Ball is the only one on the market that is perfectly balanced and therefore more likely to be holed if struck correctly.

Wilson's True ball.

Only by marking and immersing a ball in salt water, can you tell one from another, says Wilson.

The position of the core of the ball is crucial in comparison to the skin that surrounds it. One that is off-centre, will prompt the mark to roll to one side. The mark on a balanced ball will retain its position, Wilson claims.

They allege tests with a robot on a perfectly flat surface have shown that 26% of all balls on the market are unbalanced and likely to move off line – with some balls that could cost you at least six shots a round!

With difficulties in manufacturing in centring the core inside the balls, this means that one in four balls have a heavy and a light side.

Wilson says it has used new technology to produce a perfectly balanced ball every time – without the need to float them in salt water.

The True robot machine in action.

"This Staff True Tour ball holds its line on the green like no other golf ball," says double Masters champion Ben Crenshaw, recognised as one of the greatest putters of his generation. "It gives all golfers a better chance to improve their scores and boost their confidence on the green," he adds.

Wilson is mounting a massive promotional campaign to explain the benefits of its new ball, including dramatic footage of tests at the recent PGA Merchandise Show in Florida, showing rival balls ‘breaking’ as they approach the hole, while the Wilson product maintains its line.

Figures released to golfmagic this week, by Wilson show that out of a dozen balls putted from 10 feet from one leading manufacturer, 11 were imbalanced. Around half of those tested had nine balls which veered off target on their ‘heavy’ side twice or more out of six putts.

Apart from the Wilson True Tour and the Wilson True Distance, the makes that came out best from the tests, Wilson allege, were Precept Tour Premium LS, Callaway’s CTU 30 Red, Nike Tour Accuracy TW (the ball used by Tiger Woods), Precept MC Lady, Titleist NXT Tour and Titleist Pro V1.

Meanwhile other manufacturers are furious about Wilson’s claims

Accushnet’s George Sine – his company make Titleist and Pinnacle balls - says: "Through exhaustive quality assurance and inspections, we ensure that imbalance in balls is not the case with Titleist or Pinnacle products."

However, Wilson is convinced its technology will put all other balls in the shade as the ball of the future.

The three-piece True Tour with urethane cover and the two-piece True Distance (ionomer cover) balls will be available in the UK in April at around £10 for a sleeve of three.

Golfmagic test

My own crude tests with a range of balls from Maxfli, Titleist, Nike, TaylorMade and Strata were inconclusive.

Using a mixture of diluted Saxa household salt, Sea Salt crystals and a mixing bowl, I marked and dropped dozens of bowls into the water and on not one of them did the mark remain in place.

I obviously need to fill a bucket from the North Sea on my forthcoming trip to Seacroft, Skegness!

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