Woosie launches Maxfli balls

Welshman celebrates 30 years with the brand

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Mon, 21 Oct 2002

Cutaway of Maxfli M3 Red.

The Cisco World Matchplay proved a double-edged sword for defending champion Ian Woosnam, who lost his opening match to Michael Campbell, but celebrated 30 years with Maxfli by launching a new ball.

He is also strongly tipped by Sam Torrance to be Europe’s next Ryder Cup captain at Oakland Hills in 2004.

Woosnam, winner of the 1991 US Masters at Augusta, is using the new Maxfli M3 Tour Red ball for the rest of the season – one of three new products launched this month.

The others are M3 Tour Black and the A3 Red – all featuring the distinctive new Maxfli roundel logo.

The M3 Tour Red (£40 per dozen) is a three-piece ball with a rubber layer between the cover and low-compression core, which engineers claim will deliver maximum velocity at a lower spin rate. More carry, more roll off the driver, they say.

Maxfli M3 Black.

The soft polyurethane cover, says Maxfli, also improves feel and spin on short-iron shots, pitches and chips.

For the same price the Maxfli M3 Tour LT Black is designed to deliver similar characteristics with a lower trajectory and a little more spin on the shorter irons.

The A3 (£24 a dozen), a two-piece ball, offers a combination of distance, spin and control at a budget price and with a higher trajectory than its more expensive brothers.



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