Yes! Golf satin-finish wedges

Seven new models revealed with conforming grooves

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Tue, 20 Apr 2010

Yes! Golf satin-finish wedges

Following the success of its C-groove putters, Yes! Golf is introducing a new series of satin-finish wedges with grooves fully compliant with the latest R&A rulings on U-Cutter face grooves for club golfers until 2024.

Already launched in continental Europe and parts of the Middle East and Far East, the wedges, says Yes! Golf, are now expected to make an impact in the UK, Australia and Korea, priced at the equivalent of £99 each.

Each of the seven right-hand only wedges features a different bounce -  52 degrees (8 degrees of bounce), 56 (12), 58 (8) and 60 (12 or 7) - to offer players alternatives for playing out of sand and lush fairway (higher bounce in the sole) or nipping the ball of tight fairway (lower bounce).

Yes! Golf's engineers have created an 82mm (claimed to be the longest on any wedge) to set the centre of gravity high to allow for effortless backspin, while the milled, satin-finish clubface is forged out of softer, rust-resistant nikel chrome steel, to offer even more grip and spin control at impact.
Fitted with a 35-inch Dynamic Gold shaft, each club in the series has a D5 swingweight.



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