Cars top golf -backers poll

Buick, Volvo on golfers lips

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Tue, 5 Feb 2002

Cars and golf go together like ball and tee, according to the latest poll by Sports Marketing Surveys who have been studying which non-golf companies are most frequently associated with tournaments.

More than 3,500 golfers in the UK, United States and Australia, were approached about the survey and car manufacturers came out top.

No real surprise there as Buick sponsor Tiger Woods and have their name on his bag, and bank-roll at least three tournaments on the PGA Tour. Volvo have for years headlined the annual Order of Merit on the European Tour (supplying courtesy cars to the players between courses and hotels).

In Australia, regular golf supporters Holden was the name on most people’s lips. Also in the US Cadillac and Honda were mentioned in the top ten.

Even though they haven’t backed golf in Europe for several years Ford and Mercedes were still perceived as closely associated with the game, though to a lesser extent than Weetabix and Alfred Dunhill.

The survey may force long-standing golf sponsors BMW, Benson and Hedges and Victor Chandler to re-think their links with the game or at least give their publicity machine a bit of a kicking – none were even mentioned in the survey.

Just what this proves is hard to say, but Rover, Toyota and Audi may well be seriously considering rejoining the golf sponsorship fold.

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