New Galvin Green 2013 Autumn Winter collection. Take a look...

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Fri, 22 Nov 2013

NEW.. Men's ELVIN SKINTIGHTâ„¢ long sleeve top, EMILIO SKINTIGHTâ„¢ leggings


RRP: Men's ELVIN SKINTIGHT long sleeve top £55, Men's EMILIO SKINTIGHT leggings £55
Available sizes: ELVIN XS-XXXL, XS-XXL

Galvin Green's ELVIN long sleeve top and EMILIO leggins are SKINTIGHT base layers. High-performance base layer technology, specially developed to provide extraordinary performance in cold weather conditions. The high-tech hollow fibres add a warming effect; making Compression 10 ideal for golf in temperatures below 10° C.

Compression technology stimulates the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles – providing improved circulation and greater stamina. Maximum breathability enables the release of excess heat and transports moisture away from the body for dry comfort. Permanent anti-bacterial technology keeps the garment fresh.

Next up, slacks



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