Glenmuir shirts for your limericks

Bob Warters
Wed, 4 Jun 2008

Glenmuir Performance Pro (left) and Performance Club (right)

Glenmuir’s latest Coolmax Performance Pro and Club shirts for men have already caught the eye of discerning golfers looking for comfort and style as well as an innovative, built in system to wick away perspiration.

The two types of shirt are part of the Glenmuir Spring/Summer series to keep golfers dry and cool on the course.

And in our latest competition we've got four shirts to give away. Winners will have a choice of the three-stripe Performance Pro in white/light blue and black, white/sand and black or navy/white and yellow. Alternatively they can choose from the Performance Club shirts with with textured stripes in light blue, white or yellow.

For a chance to win we want you to come up with a five-line limerick which starts with the line:

Glenmuir's an exceptional brand...

Submit your limericks on this forum thread and we'll give a shirt of your choice to the best, judged after June 30.

We really got you thinking when we asked Golfmagic members to nominate on the forum a favourite fourball in which they'd like to take part, featuring players of their choice whom they'd like to partner.

We suggested that it could be players past or present, celebrities they admire or even fictional characters.

Glenmuir was thrilled by the response which attracted lots of attention on the forum to both the competition and to their products.

Glenmuir Hi-Cool zip

The winners will each receive one of the latest Glenmuir Hi Cool Zip shirts which are available in lightblue/white, black/citrus and white/navy with contrasting textured sleeve and side panels in sizes small to XXL.

All our winners came up with first class reasons for their nominations and impressed us with their knowledge and innovation.

For example Mr Tee chose Seve Ballesteros ('to teach me the meaning of competitiveness'), Walter Hagen ('great character who could to organise the evening's entertainment, too') and Donald Ross ('great insight into 1920s course design').

For Slugger, Tiger Woods was 'too obvious', so he chose Sergio Garcia ('I like his clothes and he reminds me of myself'), James (Braid ('I appreicate the history of the game') and Darth Vader ('just to hear him shout FORE!')

Spartacus picked his wife ('She can't play but might appreciate how easy those guys make it look!') my dog ('to find my lost balls') and any guy waiting without a game ('we need more compassion in this descending world').

For Steve White it was Ben Hogan ('I'd like to see him in the flesh with the benefit of modern technology') , Peter Ustinov ('amusing raconteur') and God ('to see whether he actually turned up and to explain his reasoning for so many things happening that shouldn't').

Creosote, meanwhile, fancied partnering Leonardo de Vinci ('he could design an umbrella that was actually functional') against Goldfinger ('using a member's guest rate at Stoke Park') and Sherlock Holmes ('able to detect lost balls and play the violin at the half way house') in a 'betterball, with no shots and losers buying the bacon baps!'



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