Six sets of irons that caught our eye

GM Women's Golf Correspondent
Tue, 27 Apr 2010


Yonex Nanospeed 3i (5-SW) £699 

Contact: 0208 742 9777;

The Yonex Nanospeed 3i irons certainly aren’t the prettiest set of irons we’ve ever seen. The square-shaped clubheads look more like shovels than delicate irons with a female appeal. But if you can see past the design you’ll be impressed by the performance.

These irons deliver a solid, powerful feel and plenty of distance and thanks to their Isometric Face and 3D Power Design that enlarges the sweetspot and makes them very easy to use. Our weaker testers found them a little on the heavy side and even the better players thought the shaft length was more similar to men’s clubs. And while this may add distance, it does sacrifice control.

Cobra S2 Max (5-SW) £449

Cobra ?S2 Max Iron-Hybrid set (4h, 5h, 6h, 7-SW) £589 

Contact: 01480 301 114;

The S2 Max is a cracking-looking iron, which we all said would immediately go in the bag simply because the style is so great. We like the fact that the S2 Max comes in two options, a set made up entirely of irons and a set of iron-hybrids, which replace the long irons with hybrids, as this pretty much caters all our differing needs.

Both sets proved to be extremely easy to use, although the Iron-Hybrids had the edge for versatility, especially on those recovery shots from the rough.

Both irons feature Cobra’s 9 Point Face Technology, expanding the sweet zone across the entire clubface, which you really notice when you don’t quite catch one out of the middle.



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